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Todd Mazer is a photographer and filmmaker noted for his dedication to the documentation, storytelling and sustainability of contemporary artists.


“We can say without any hesitation that Todd Mazer is easily one of our favorite human beings on the face of the planet. After many talks with him we can assure you he is a stand up guy with an amazing spirit. On top of that, he is a brilliant photographer that captures the essence of the subject in front of the lens. It was nearly impossible to be selective of which images to put in his feature because every single one blew our minds”

-Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine.  


Mazer's images have been featured in leading international art magazines (Juxtapoz, VNA, Graffiti Art Magazine) blogs (Complex, Arrested Motion, Street Art News) news outlets,(Huffington Post, Boston Globe,NBC) music outlets (Fader, SPIN, NPR) and lifestyle blogs (Forbes Travel, Time Out, Wine Spectator). In addition to his photography, Mazer has contributed as a writer to Acclaim Magazine, LA Canvas and Brooklyn Street Art


Todd Mazer’s prowess rests in his innate ability to capture moments in an artist’s creative expression, connecting the gap between cause and effect. His shots can be seen as an interpretation of the relationship between the artist and his environment.”



In the realm of film and television Mazer has produced original content (MOCAtv,  Juxtapoz Presents, Green Jobs Now) served as a camera operator for network television (Travel Channel, HGTV, Food Network) and feature length films (Timeless: The Composer Arranger Series, Movement One, Exit Through The Gift Shop).  

“In effect, his photos become a sort of conductor of concepts from the artist’s mind to the mind of the audience that transcend street art and graffiti’s impermanent nature”

-Doze Collective 


Mazer was the cover artist for Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine’s Issue 6, a featured artist in the Hypebeast series Through The Lens and along with Ian Cox was one of two photographers recognized with profile features in the book Futurism 2.0. His artwork has been exhibited at The MFA’s Summer Auction, Brooklyn Historical Society and LACDA and in shows including Photo Independent in Los Angeles represented by Zero+ Publishing, A Major Minority: An Intercontinental Survey of Othercontemporary Urban Art

curated by Graffuturism founder Poesia and Sole Delay in Boston at Liquid Art House.  

I wish for us to all remember, no matter how unbearable the load we find upon our shoulders, weightlessness can always be sparked by a moment of inspiration."

-Todd Mazer from Brooklyn Street Art's 11 Wishes for 2011.



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